In the Early Years the idea is that most of the learning the children do is lead by their own interests.

As the interests, and needs, of the children change year on year and even month on month, we do not follow a strict yearly curriculum. This said however, to widen the children’s experiences and understanding of the world around them, there are certain topics and festivals that we will try to fit in during the year. These can be seen in the table below.

Term Topic
Autumn Ourselves
Why do you love me so much?
Why do leaves go crispy?
Spring Winter/Where does snow go?
How many colours in a rainbow?
Chinese New Year
Are Eggs alive?/Easter
Summer Animal growth
How many pebbles on the beach?
What is a shadow?
Is it shiny?

This is by no means an exhaustive list and is subject to change depending on where the children take their own learning. If your child has a particular interest in or passion for something it is always nice to hear about it as it could create a whole new topic for us to explore!

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