Event - High Attenders Meet Artist Willard Wigan

24 June 2015

On Wednesday 24th June 2015, thirteen Year 6 pupils with the highest attendance for the year were chosen to go along to Wolverhampton Science Park to see a famous artist from Wolverhampton called Willard Wigan.

Willard creates micro sculptures that can only be seen through a microscope and often rests his creations on a pin head or in the eye of a needle! Year 6 were fascinated to discover that he began creating these sculptures at the age of 5 when he decided to make houses for the ants in the garden.

Since then, Willard has created micro sculptures for many famous people including the Queen and Barack Obama.

One of Willard's favourite pieces.
We even managed to get a photo with him!

We had lots of fun.
We listened really carefully.