Event - Year 3’s Stone Age Wow Day

5 September 2014

To introduce the Stone Age topic Year 3 had a 'Wow Day' looking at artefacts and other aspects of the Stone Age.

Year 3 teachers had invited people from the 'Stone Age' to show us how they lived. The children had lots of questions to ask the Stone Age people such as, "How did you cope in the winter?" and "How often did you need to go hunting?"

The children were overwhelmed with excitement. Some children were given the opportunity to hunt, gather berries, use and make tools, some even tried to make fire using flint. The final activity was to seek and find information and to widen their knowledge of the Stone Age people.

All in all – Year 3 had a fabulous learning experience.

Animal skins.
Anyone to help us make this fire.

Around the camp fire.
Finding clues about The Stone Age.

Getting ready for dinner.
Making fire is harder than we thought.

Making tools.
More tool making.

Our ideas about survival.
Our turn to make tools.

Question and Answers.
Stone Age people ate berries.

Stone Age people teaching us survival skills.
We're hungry what shall we do.

What challenges did Stone Age people face.