Event - Science Week

23 to 27 March 2015

This year the theme for Science Week was movement. Each class buddied up with another class from a different year group to demonstrate an experiment or investigation linked to the movement theme.

Children also had to research different discoveries to do with movement. The finale of the week was a paper aeroplane completion, within each key stage to see whose could travel the furthest.

A fun time was had by all.

Testing our paper aeroplanes during Science Week.
We enjoyed working with Year 5 during Science Week.

Working with Year 5 after making helpicopters.
4E launch time.

4E with their final planes.

Listening to instructions.
The boys final!

Watching the cannons fly.
Working with Reception class.

Working with Reception class.
RN and 4E

Flying our paper aeroplanes.
Travelling balloon broom experiment

Travelling balloon broom experiment.