Event - Brazilian Fusion Festival

30 June/1 July 2014

On Monday 30th June and Tuesday 1st July we were given the opportunity to take part in the Brazilian Fusion Festival.

The Motivate Me Project helped us to celebrate the 2014 World Cup by creating a Brazilian Groove using recycled instruments.

We also took part in the Freestyle Futsal Flare where we were taught tricks and flicks made famous by Brazilian footballers such as Pele.

Let's celebrate Brazil!
Enjoying the Brazilian festivities.

Showing us how it's done!
Trying out new skills.

Trying out a Pele move.
Attempting a rainbow flick.

Practising our balancing skills.
Football isn't just for boys!

Excellent balancing skills.
Becoming more confident with the new skills.

4N learning new tricks.
Attempting futsal tricks.

4N playing samba tunes.
Children on the shakers listening to the beat.

Copying a rhythm.
Beating the drum.

Musical fun.
Copying a rhythm using recycled materials.